How to make a Christmas Tree Napkin

For best results use a fabric napkin, these will look fabulous and festive on the table.

  1. Fold napkin in half taking the bottom corners up to the top to form a rectangle.
  2. Fold napkin again (from right to left) to form a square and rotate so you are looking at a diamond shape.
  3. Fold all corners up from bottom to top to create layers and turn napkin over, making sure you don’t move anything in the process.
  4. Fold in the right and left corners in diagonally so they overlap each other.
  5. Turn the napkin back over and fold all corners up ensuring they are tucked neatly into the layer above.
  6. If you feel inclined you can then decorate the top of the tree with a ribbon or bow, or something of your choice.

There is a YouTube video of how to do it here:


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